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On this site, you can listen to my audio projects. Songs I love, songs I covered. I love singing and am eagerly practicing on my tenor sax. If you want to listen to all my recordings, you can check out my SoundCloud Profile. A few selected songs are also on Spotify.


Cinderella is a song, written and sung originally by Anna-Sophie Rost. Discovered on YouTube, I had to make my own cover out of this beauty of poetry.

I recorded the song in my home ‘studio’ and put it up for everyone to hear: You can listen on Spotify, on SoundCloud, and you have the possibility to buy on Amazon Music.

Wayfaring Stranger

Johnny Cash’s Wayfaring Stranger is kind of popular in the Single A Cappella scene, since its structure lets you easily make a looping session, adding more and more buzz to the song.

I recorded the song in my home ‘studio’ and put it up for everyone to hear: Listen on Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Play Music, or buy on Amazon Music.

Evening Rise

Th A Cappella version of Evening Rise, a song that is said to be of indian origin. The following recording is made up of 16 single tracks, stacking more and more voices as the song goes on.

Jenny of Oldstones (Game of Thrones)

Jenny of Oldstones, by Florence + the Machine, is a song, premiered in Season 8, Episode 2, of Game of Thrones, shortly before the Battle of Winterfell. There it was sung by Podrick Payne. Jenny of Oldstones was the wife of Duncan Targaryen, first son of King Aegon V Targaryen.

It brings to mind the work of Jenny of Oldstones, the charlatan who claimed to descend from the Children of the Forest.

— Archmaester of the citadel

This version is a ‘punk-ish’ version of the original. Special Thanks to R.S. (Guitar, Drums) and M.S. (Bass)