A small selection of photos that I took with my new lenses. The selfmade restriction of going with prime lenses over the kit zoom lense was a small hurdle at the beginning but turned out to be an incredible motivation to get creative.

Wooden round building in Bielefeld, Germany, with a tree in the foreground and clear blue sky in the background.

Key facts

  1. Sony Camera brand
  2. A6400 Camera model
  3. Sony 85 1.8 Awesome portrait lense
  4. Sigma 16 1.4 Great for landscape
  5. ~10.000 Photos taken

Meet the one behind this project

  1. Image of Fabian A Wohlgemuth
    Fabian A Wohlgemuth digital creative.

You like what you see or need photos yourself? Shoot me a message

I am open to photography gigs of all sorts. Whether you need product shots, portraits for your next job application (or just for yourself), or you want to just hang around with me in Bielefeld or sorroundings, to take pictures, please write me!