Who puts a to do list publicly on their website

This post functions as a to do list for the development of this website. By following the Learn Eleventy From Scratch course by Andy Bell, I built this beauty of a website.

The site uses the static site generator Eleventy (11ty) and is hosted on Netlify.

This list is supposed to motivate me to not let the development sleep, but actually improve the site and the site's experience for all of you!

So what will happen here next

  • Learn Eleventy From Scratch
  • Customize the design
  • Customize the structure of the website and each single page
  • Create a photography project
  • Start a to do list
  • Exclude drafts from blog posts
  • Build a gallery to house my photos. They live on an Adobe Portfolio right now, but this is neither beautiful nor does it perform well enough for me (or the lighthouse scores, for that matter)
  • Convert past projects to markdown format and get them online
  • Convert past blog posts, so that their format fits the requirements of the new website
  • Create more—more text, more designs, more websites, more photos
  • Internationalization (i18n), German/English
  • Extending the website to be a progressive web app (PWA)
  • Get that perfect 100 100 100 100 lighthouse score
  • Secondary theme (dark theme)

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